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Are You Facebook’s Guinea Pig

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Are You Facebook’s Guinea Pig? by Holly Richmond (March 10, 2014)



Why are there anonymous Emails?


First Impression:

From title itself I can tell that Facebook is really using us like test subject for their social media experiments. But I still don’t know what Facebook will gain from experimenting on us.



‘Do unto the data of others as you would have them do unto yours.’ That kind of thinking might go a long way toward creating the kind of digital world we want — and deserve.


Reflection Proper:

Most people do not know that, in Facebook, anything that we type in any text fields are saved in their database; even if we did not press the post button, Facebook still has that information that we typed something. Facebook is using the data that they get from every single move that we do in their site. When this issue was made out in public, many users question Facebook as to why they use our information for their research for internal operation, troubleshooting, data analysis, testing and service improvement. Their answer is that they use the data they obtained anonymously and yes it is no problem to it because they still protect our privacy. More to that it is also our fault for not reading the 9000 plus words of terms, agreements on data polity that we just automatically check whenever we sign up, just like when we sign up in other websites. The article says that who studies psychology knows that the first step of a research is gaining information from participants and you need the participant’s consent, just like how Facebook got our consent from us by checking the terms and agreement portion. Can we now say that what Facebook is doing ethical? The answer to that is yes and no. Yes, because Dr. Markham said that they have the right to use any information they can obtain through their site, since we accepted their terms and service. And No, because Rintel said that Facebook should inform us always prior to when they are going to use our information or start their research of us. A good way to improve in this situation is for Facebook to give a more obvious terms of use and a real-time consent before doing a research study.



5 Things That I've learned (List down 5 things that you've learned from the article)

1. Most people do not know that Facebook is using our data for research.

2. Most people do not read the terms and agreement when signing up to a website.

3. Facebook has the right to use our data for their research.

4. Our data in Facebook is never private even if don’t let others see it.

5. Facebook keeps all out information even the deleted ones.


5 Integrative Questions 

1. What do you think the public can do to avoid this issue?

2. What will you do when Facebook uses your information without you knowing?

3. Do you think it is appropriate for Facebook to keep all our files, even the deleted ones?

4. How concerned are you in this issue?

5. Why do you think people do not read the terms and agreement page when signing up?



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