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Social Media Strategies for Complaining

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Social Media Strategies for Complaining by Nora Dunne (June 27, 2014)



How effective do you complain?


First Impression:

My impression about this article is that complaining nowadays don’t wont much when you complain about your Internet Service Provider (ISP) through calling them. I believe now social media has a bigger effect when voicing out their concern.



The most alluring reason for lodging a complaint on Twitter or Facebook is that social media is public.


Reflection Proper:

When people usually want to complain of want to straighten out something with a company, brand or business, they go for their telephone and contact the company itself, but what happens is that the operator at the other end of the line usually puts you through hold for a very long time and even says that “please leave a message.” I have experienced this once but in a different way, I called Bayantel to complain about the internet speed that we are having because we upgraded our contract with them and got a higher plan we should get faster download speed but our speed at that time was still the same, the person on the other side of the line said that they will fix it, but to no avail, they have not fixed it for week. So I tried to call them every day and posted on their Facebook about my complaint where some people also has the same problem, after a week there came the customer support to fix our concern. With social media around people now find it more effective to complain through a blog, post or comment. Nowadays people’s complaint through social media reaches thousands or maybe even millions of people so when a person commented his complaint, let’s say to a telephone company Facebook page, people will see that complain and the company’s page will be flooded of hates and hurt the company’s reputation. But posting complaints is not all that is there do to on a company’s social media page. It also helps some companies where they get feedback from comments and try to improve their services to the customers.



5 Things That I've learned (List down 5 things that you've learned from the article)

1. Social media now acts as a better medium when reaching out to the company, brand or business.

2. Feedback can embarrass or hurt a company’s reputation.

3. Feedback can also help company and gain improvement.

4. For some companies it is faster when you reach out to them through social media rather that the traditional telephone.

5. Companies quickly acts when their page is under fire by negative comments.


5 Integrative Questions 

1. What would you do when you need to complain something to a service?

2. How do you think this has an effect to the public?

3. Do you think that the telephone is going to be obsolete in the future?

4. How would you feel when there are people seeing negative comments about you?

5. How do you think companies can improve to this situation?




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