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Do Not Track

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Do Not Track by Marc Davis (February 22, 2013)




The eyes all over the internet


First Impression:

From the title, I can say that it is about companies tracking users throughout the internet. Where they get big chunks of data for their strategy.



Advertisers may be watching our every move on the Internet. And privacy advocates want it to stop.”


Reflection Proper:

Now that almost half of the world has access of the internet, there are many instances that we do not know that we are being tracked. Big companies that do a lot of marketing and advertising track our very move in the internet where they can see the sites that we are visiting. An example is my own experience where I visited amazon to check on a price of a device that I am interested in. From that day on when I go to Facebook, I see an advertisement of that certain product from Amazon in my Facebook wall feed. People are really interested in their own privacy which is why, in the US they are trying to pass a bill that would protect people’s privacy on the internet but there are many companies that disapprove of this movement, maybe because they are getting their profit from the data gathered from the people but whenever people are trying to pass a bill that would prevent companies from monitoring you, it has always failed. Imagine here in the Philippines where there are always eye upon us wherever we go, of course we would not want that because it invades our privacy. We do not want to share something private to others just like any other people in the world. Due to this companies such as Google made Google Chrome a Do Not Track option to prevent others spying on you. But I think the main reason as to why this has happened is because of the internet. Because in the internet, we want to be connected and by that we are connected all over the world. It is only that some companies use that connection to their advantage


5 Things That I've learned (List down 5 things that you've learned from the article)

1. Companies try to track what you are browsing to gain information.

2. These companies: Dell, IBM, Intel, Verizon, Visa, and Walmart are trying to spy on people around the world.

3. Some people who uses the internet do not know that someone is spying them on the other side of the net.

4. There is no law that says companies can’t track what you are doing.


5 Integrative Questions

1. Are you aware that there are other people tracking you through the internet?

2. Why do you think they spend a great deal in time just to be able to track people around the world?

3. What have you done to prevent other companies from tracking you?

4. Where do you think all the information of people goes to?

5. Do you approve of this idea?



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