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Sexism Online and Offline

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Sexism Online…and Offline by John D. Thomas (October 27, 2012)




What gender discrimination does


First Impression:

My first impression is when the word sexism is present that there is gender inequality present. Even today we treat some women like objects and not as another human being.



“The Internet can facilitate sexism, but it can also give women, and especially girls, an unprecedented ability to share their experiences and tell their stories.  If the Internet is part of the world, then maybe it can change the world, and not just for the worse.


Reflection Proper:

Cyberbullying is the act when people are harmed or harasses through the internet. There are many cases of cyber bullying all over the world some are bad, some worst and some even commit suicide because of it. One of the reasons of problems to why these attack arises is because of sexism. This is where there is gender discrimination based on a person’s sex or how they view themselves as others; this applies especially to girls. Cases such as misogyny is common in many countries where they treat women as objects. Misogyny is very present in the internet because there is disinhibition. This term theorize that people are more likely to be vulnerable, outrageous, loud, or, in this case, sexist than they would be offline. Due to this, some might say that sexism that happens online stays online, but no, it leads itself to the offline world where if you get caught, it can be your downfall. An example Amanda Todd where she was told to flash her breast in an anonymous web chat leading to the harassment of her online. It did not stop there, Todd was forced to transfer schools because her classmates also found out about her online and started bullying her, with all the things that came up in a short period of time, Todd committed suicide. What more of it were to happen in a Philippine setting, because our country still has gender inequality and still are not open to homosexuals; we ridicule homosexuals in the internet. But not everything is bad about this, internet is a way to connect to people and with that, people share their experiences to us so that we may be able to learn and prevent these things from happening again, hopefully changing the world for the better.



5 Things That I've learned (List down 5 things that you've learned from the article)

1. Sexism is very mush present in the internet.

2. Cyberbullying does not stay online.

3. People are more open and vulnerable in the online world


5 Integrative Questions
1. What can we do to avoid this issue?

2. Why do you think that cyberbullying is more present than normal bullying?

3. What would you do when you are cyberbullied?

4. What would you feel when you are cyberbullying someone?


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