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Mug Shots

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Mug Shots by John D. Thomas (January 24, 2013)




How Reputations are Destroyed by a Photo


First Impression:

When I see the word mug shots, I first think of the pictures that they take when you get arrested. I think that it is an embarrassment to yourself when you have one special when it is seen by the public through news or media.



It’s quite easy to destroy someone’s reputation by posting this kind of possibly specious information online. However, once it’s out there, it’s almost impossible to repair and restore it.”


Reflection Proper:

The article implies that there are many mug shots people who are arrested. Mug shots are usually taken after the arrest when they get to the police station. Yes, they are arrested because people assumed that they did something wrong, but at initially they are innocent unless they are proven guilty by the court. But what the Chicago Tribune did was post all of the mugshots that the police station had taken, post it in their website for all of the people to see and say that these people are the ones convicted, unfortunately when I checked their website, the photos of mug shots were taken down from their website. From this we can say that even though they have not proven the arrested to be guilty, the Chicago Tribune is already implying that they are guilty. Not only that but with the corruption going, it is said that they put so much advertisements around the mug shot photos so they can get easy money when the public click for the next photo. Imagine that in the Philippines where if someone’s mug shot were to get out in public even though he is not yet proven guilty. People would talk about the arrested person and look down on him. You would feel sad if you know that this happens even if he or she is still innocent. The ethical lesson to this is that it is easy for people to ruin other’s reputation by just letting a photo go out in public but is it almost impossible to repair that man’s reputation when trying to save him. We should think first before we act and know the consequences of our actions.


5 Things That I've learned (List down 5 things that you've learned from the article)

  1. I learned that a photo can destroy one’s reputation
  3. The media can be a very big screen of information that also have false accusation
  4. When a person’s mugshot is out in the public, they almost have no chance of recovering their reputation



5 Integrative Questions

  1. Do you think that they also do the same where they post the mugshots before they are convicted?
  2. What will you do to recover your reputation when your mugshot is taken?
  3. Where do you think they post the mugshots of people here in the Philippines?
  4. Why do you think that people need mugshots when arrested?
  5. What do you think is the best approach to minimize this issue?


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