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Google Glass Flawed Technology or Flawed Ethics

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Google Glass: Flawed Technology or Flawed Ethics? 



Technology and Ethics


First Impression:

I was drawn toward this article the moment I saw the title because as a person interested in technology, I am very interested in Google Glass, but I still don’t know what the connection of it with ethics.



Addressing the product’s ethical concerns in advance of its launch, rather than dealing with problems as they arose, may have improved Glass’s reception.“


Reflection Proper:

I was much hyped when Google first released a teaser for the Google Glass, it was all over the internet, social media and news. The time it was release was also a huge event where only few people who pre-ordered the device for a very high price tag can get their hands on the device. Little did I know that there are many flaws that Google did not consider when they released it to public. The Google Glass was under fire when Google said the phrase ‘when they are ready” because this means that they know that the product was still in the beta phase and not yet ready for the public but they still released it. There are also some ethical concerns about it as to why it did not became a big hit to the public. Imaging someone wearing google glass where they can take a picture or a video of you not knowing, the Glass has been banned in many institutions like hospitals and bars even before it initial release. This became a lot of privacy concerns to the general public. This has led to the discontinued production of the Google Glass. More to that Google used the consumers as like test subject just to know the feedback of the device where they still paid for the costly device and treated as like guinea pig like Google. If we were to use the Google Glass in a Philippine setting it would also cause a lot of commotion and can disturb people. One time I saw a person wearing Google Glass in a mall and almost everyone passing by are staring or keeps noticing the guy wearing the Google Glass. I think that person who is wearing it would feel really uncomfortable that people are staring at him just because he is wearing that technology.


5 Things That I've learned (List down 5 things that you've learned from the article)

1. I learned that Google Glass still has a lot of fields to improve on.

2. Google did not think of the public eye or the concerns of the public with the glass.

3. Google treated the public like test subjects to test out their device

4. People are still uncomfortable wearing technology out in public.

5. Companies like google should not hype the people of a product if the product still has a long way in development.


5 Integrative Questions

1. If given a chance to buy a Google Glass for a affordable price, will you wear it out in public?

2. Will you take candid photos of others if you have the power?

3. Do you think that there will be a future for the Google Glass?

4. Do you think that people will learn to accept Google Glass in the future?




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