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Can We Blame the Cloud

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Can We Blame the Cloud? by Mary T McCarthy (October 24th, 2014)




Risk of using cloud storage.


First Impression:

When I think about the cloud, I think about free storage that we can all have to store our files.


“With great power comes great responsibility.”


Reflection Proper:

This article came up when there was a breach in the iCloud accounts of many Hollywood celebrities where photos from their account were leaked to the public. There were many to blame for this incident but fingers were immediately pointed to Apple before the hackers. During this issue Apple tighten its security by adding layers of additional sign-in authorization to tighten the security. Yes, Apple made some fault in this area but the blame was all pointing to Apple’s iCloud but if we really think about it, should the iCloud be really blamed? There are the hackers who did this in the first place and also the celebrities who upload photos or videos that they don’t want other people to see. All of us have something private that we keep and we entrust those files to the service provider but it is also the service provider’s responsibility to protect the customer’s privacy. It is good that Apple was able to respond immediately and inform people of the current situation and told them about new features in security like the fingerprint scanner to increase the security and to prevent future hackers to hack into your privacy.


5 Things That I've learned (List down 5 things that you've learned from the article)

1. You can be hacked when you connect to an open Wi-Fi connection

2. I learned that even if they try, the FBI cannot find the hackers

3. Apple’s previous security was not that secure for hackers to be able to do large scale hacking

4. It is important to know first about the service before using it



5 Integrative Questions

1. What can you say that time if you are also included in the people that they hacked?

2. Will you still trust or use iCloud if you are one of the victims?

3. Will you still use iCloud or switch to another cloud service?

4. Do you think that Apple did a good job in minimizing the casualties?



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