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The Ethics of Video Streaming Apps

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The Ethics of Video Streaming Apps by Mary T McCarthy (Thursday, June 25th, 2015)




To stream or not to stream?


First Impression:

My first impression in this article is that it has something to do with Youtube or Twitch because I usually go to their websites or use their apps to watch videos or watch live streams.



“A world, in which people both expect to appear on camera, and in many cases, be the ones holding the cameras.


Reflection Proper:

This article talks about the rise of video streaming apps and what are the ethics in watching live streams. Since there has been a major use in smartphones all over the world, people are always connected to the internet and it has been a convenience for the users to stream videos in their phones. The article said that in 2014, 53$ of all of the videos viewed are viewed using their smartphones and will have an expected rise up to 69 % in 2018. Although many apps out there, even some that I have not heard of, let’s people view live streams of movies or sporting events, some of us do not know that we are breaking that law of digital ethics. One great example is the fight between Pacquiao and Mayweather where people who paid-per-view are streaming it to other viewers for free and this is in fact illegal. But it is impossible for the police or the FBI to arrest millions of viewers who viewed it illegally. So now let us go to another topic which is tragedy. Yes, we have seen many videos of tragedy but Is it right top post videos of people dying or falling off of a building, of course the family/s of the people who are in those videos would not want that videos to be seen by others. Let’s say that your dog got run over by a car and it was filmed, would you still post that video online for people to see? It might be a very sensitive topic for other people but not all of it is bad because there are some people that are interested in those kinds of information on what is happening around the world and it can also act as a precaution to them to be more careful or prepared in the future.


5 Things That I've learned (List down 5 things that you've learned from the article)

1. I learned that even we do not know fully if that certain video we viewed is legal or illegal.

2. It is impossible to top the growth on video streaming.

3. I learned that downloading even just pa short clip of a movie is illegal.

4. I learned that you can livestream in twitter.

5. I learned that there are a lot of concern into video streaming


5 Integrative Questions

1. Will you post a video of tragic accident?

2. Are you streaming when there is a live concert of game?

3. Will you be able to accept if they post a video of you loved one in a tragic accident?

4. Do you think that streaming live games or concerts should be legal?





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