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The Most Ethical Way to Stream Music

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The Most Ethical Way to Stream Music: Not At All by Holly Richmond (November 14th, 2014)




Support free stuff online by supporting them online



First Impression:

My first impression on this article was going for a learner's perspective seeing the title of the article, I want to learn more on the ethical way of streaming music. Also because most people I know who listen to music either stream or download music.



"we need to start looking at the human cost of all the free stuff we can find online."


Reflection Proper:

This article talks about the history of streaming music to the best way to stream music. From the history of it all, Napster was the first P2P service that focused on music where you can download music for free. It was 1999 at that time i was still in grade school and have no interest in music whatsoever, even the name Napster was new to me when I read this article. But again Napster was already gone in 2002 when it went bankrupt.

The article's main point is what streaming services is the best to use to support our favored artist. First it talked about the best services, which is Nokia, Google Play, and Xbox Music. These three had the best royalty rates to artist. What i see in these three is that these services are not much used in the norm. Normally people use Spotify to stream music and Spotify is even considered a bad service because it gives less support to artist compared to the first three. I was even surprised when i read about it. Spotify also gives less support to indie artist and only cater to trending songs and artist.

In conclusion to this, i think that this type of morality it kind of new because there has been a lot of new services and free music. I think that it is important to think about the best way we can support artist by choosing the best service that stream their music. But still the best way to support artist is to buy their albums and to to their tours.



5 Things That I've learned (List down 5 things that you've learned from the article)

1. Nokia supports its artist the most

2. It is better to use Google Play rather than Spotify

3. Learn to support your artist by choosing the best service that supports them

4. I never imagined that some artist earn less than $100 from these services

5. The best way to support artist is o buy their albums and go on tours


5 Integrative Questions

1. What do you think about this issue?

2. Would you stop using Spotify and use other services that supports your artist better?

3. How do these services become so big like Spotify?

4. Do you think that artist can live off through these services?





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